Conflict Resolution

There is increasing conflict in rural communities – that have got on well for centuries – because of climate change and increasing competition for diminishing natural resources. These include fertile land, forest resources, grazing and water that everyone needs for their survival. Joliba is working both to regenerate these resources, and to ensure that they are sustainably shared and used by all members of the community. We are one of the few organisations working on cattle passage routes through farming land to avoid conflicts between nomads and farmers, which now result in scores of deaths every year.

Joliba is also working to build solidarity in local communities in the face of political fragility. Instability in Libya and North Africa has pushed extremist groups into the Sahara and unfortunately these groups are extremely well-funded by Europe and the West from ransom payments and our demand for illicit drugs. We carried out a study on the funding causes of destabilisation and our reports are attached here. They have been presented to the British Government and will be presented to the UN drugs debate in Vienna in December.

Kidnapping for Ransom

Killing the Cash Cow

The Power of Drug Money in Mali

The Power of Drug Money in Mali