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Pray for COP 27

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

Its absolutely vital for countries like Mali that action is taken to slow global warming. In the desert-bordering Sahel, temperatures already reach over 50 degrees, the brief annual rainy season is becoming shorter and less reliable so that people cannot grow crops, more violent monsoon rain is washing away harvests, homes and wells, leaving them dying of thirst. Increased wind is blowing away topsoil and people's ability to live from the land. A third of Mali's population are now suffering from hunger due to loss of livelihoods. All of this is going unreported by the media.

Large aid agencies are campaigning for 'loss and damage' compensation. We believe that even if richer countries agreed, that it is completely impossible for even a fraction of adequate compensation to be provided. How can people be compensated for the loss of their soil? In the Sahel alone if there was another major drought unprecedented numbers of as many as 50 million people could be displaced. It is prevention of rising temperatures that is so vital if we are not to see human suffering on a completely unforgivable scale.

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