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We are working to improve livestock health and values in the following ways:

-  Through pasture regeneration

-  By making supplementary cattle fodder more affordable

-  By increasing milk yields.

-  By providing credit so that women can begin raising sheep and goats

-  By training women in high protein silage-making and mineral-block making

 - By promoting healthy, high-value herds, rather than larger low-value herds


Cows can double their milk yields if they are given supplementary feed


If women can raise goats, they will have manure for their land, better crops and milk for the children

Donkey carts


A donkey cart costs £145 and transforms the lives of rural women. They are invaluable for collecting cattle fodder from distant areas which are too far away to reach on foot, and with a donkey cart firewood for cooking can be collected just once a week instead of daily.  They help women to reach markets with their produce and to transport water collected from distant areas.

Donkeys can do well on poor pasture.  Veterinary training is given so that the health, welfare and vaccination programme of donkeys in the scheme can be monitored.


Fulani women are particularly keen to use carts to reach markets in Burkina Faso, to buy and sell food products and vegetables that are unavailable locally. Please consider funding a donkey cart!

Whatever you give will make a big difference.

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