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Sponsor a Well!

If you would like to transform the life of a whole village, please consider contributing to a well.  Most remote rural villages are still dependent on traditional earth wells with unsafe water.  With increased floods and more violent weather, these are becoming unstable and collapsing.  The loss of water supplies in rural areas is causing a real emergency.  

Afietou Karembe, Dissoroly

'Our life was limited to collecting water and other household chores.  The water chores alone took 9 hours time.  We did not know what it was to rest.  Directly after supper we went to bed to wake up at 5 am for the regiments of the next day.  The men came with us because it was so hard to carry enough water.  No-one can imagine what we have endured during the 5 years we had no water. Now we have clean water.  We thank the grace of God for this beautiful gift which has saved everybody.'

Abraham Saye, Health Worker, Batourou:

'We had a traditional well to satisfy our water needs (drinking water, washing, brick making, livestock watering), but unfortunately for us the mud walls collapsed 7 years ago.  We have sad memories of the situation.  Our women were walking 10 kms on difficult footpaths at night to collect water.  In the 7 years more than 10 women were killed by snake bites.  There were other accidents where women fell and broke bones in the night.  Today, thanks to you we have a modern well which contains enough water for us and even for our neighbours.'

We currently have over 75 villages with a severe water crisis on a waiting list for a well.  The average cost of providing a permanent free source of water to a family is just £5.82.  

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