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Midwifery Training

In the last 20 years we have trained over 800 Village Birth Attendants, which has dramatically reduced maternal and child mortality.  When we began our work one in four women were dying of childbirth-related causes and it was not uncommon for women to lose half or even all of their children.


Maternal mortality remains high in remote rural areas where Village Birth Attendants have had little access to training. The majority of women give birth at home in their villages with a Village Birth Attendant. 


This has been particularly the case since Mali was destabilised and it has been unsafe for women to travel to a Health Centre.  As a result, the need for training continues.

We have trained over 800 Village Birth Attendants 

The primary causes of mortality are long and difficult childbirth due to 80% of women suffering from anaemia and malnutrition; malaria, tetanus and childbirth fever are further causes.


These things can be prevented by simple, low cost measures. Even in our area, nutritious foods such as haricot beans, sesame, dried fish and nuts are often available.


Our courses cover training in nutrition, pre and post-natal care, the dangers of pregnancies in young girls and older women, hygiene, recognition of complicated births when a woman needs to be evacuated to a health centre, child health, preparation of foods for malnourished children, prevention of common illnesses, and many aspects of women and children’s health.  Birth Attendants are highly respected members of the community who can play a key role in improving the health of women and children.

Midwifery training class

We have built three maternity Centres.


The training has led to a much-improved diet for pregnant mothers; far better growth in babies; improved hygiene and midwifery practice, and much safer births.

A maternity centre we have built

Rhoda, a Birth Attendant, and Noe at the maternity centre

Train a Birth Attendant for £175!

Midwifery training

Midwifery Kit for a Birth Attendant for £45!

A simple kit with sterile equipment, gloves, a lamp so that women do not

give birth in the dark, bathing bowl, soap, a groundsheet, and antiseptics helps save lives.

Assatou Poudiougou with her midwifery kit

Moped-ambulance for £2,000!

A moped-ambulance is a life-saving resource which can help women who cannot give birth to reach a health centre. 

Whatever you give will make a big difference.

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