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Blowing in the wind - restoring sand dunes

High rates of soil erosion in the UK reduce soil fertility and have devastating environmental impacts, especially downstream in river quality, according to research from University of Exeter’s Dr Pia Benaud (2021). Similarly, in Mali sand storms are becoming more regular and there is more than ever a critical need for dune stabilisation, to prevent erosion and the need for migration from this area. Since 2013 we have stabilised over 2000 acres of dunes and have become well-known in Mali for our work.

“With the use of contour grid-planting, today our dune is stabilised. There are squirrels, hares, hedgehogs and birds now. In only three years the land has recovered and the abandoned area around the dune is growing crops again.”

We would very much like to increase the amount of dune stabilisation, planting a variety of trees, costing only 4p each. One acre costs just £188 to stabilise with around 4500 valuable trees. Please consider donating via our Donate button on the website, where you can give via PayPal, or make a direct bank transfer. Every gift will be used wisely and efficiently. If a donation is not possible, please share this post widely via social media to engage a wider audience in our work. We really do appreciate your support.


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