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Donations doubled in our Christmas Challenge

We are excited to be taking part in a Christmas Challenge to raise £7500 in just one week! From 29th November until 6th December, Joliba Trust is fund-raising to buy fruit trees for young people to plant orchards in Mali. They can plant on land given to them by their family and the produce sold from these orchards brings a good income and provides more local food to the community. We wish to provide opportunities to young people who are currently forced to leave their homes to look for labouring jobs abroad. Many end up working in appalling slave-like conditions in plantations or as maids vulnerable to abuse. Many are never able to return home because they do not earn enough money.

Donations to our project will be generously matched by Friends of The Reed Foundation, a Champion from The Big Give and several of our loyal supporters. This means that your money can support twice as many young people into productive employment. The Big Give Christmas Challenge starts at noon next Tuesday 29th November and a live link to our page will be posted here.

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We have exceeded our Big Give target!

Thanks to the generosity of our donors we have exceeded our target and raised over £45,000. This money will be a huge investment for young people in Mali – enabling them to set up their own orchards.


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