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New wells for clean water revive communities

While Britain swelters in a heatwave, we appreciate even more our easy access to plentiful and clean water, cooling drinks and showers. Most villages in our area are still dependent on traditional earth wells, with unsafe water for their supply. These are becoming unstable and collapsing in more violent weather and heavier monsoon rains. The loss of water supplies is causing a real emergency.

This is one of our most urgent areas of funding. We currently have around 65 villages with a severe water crisis on a waiting list for a well. Please help people to have water by making a donation, via Paypal on our website or a bank transfer. Temperatures around 35C and much hotter are usual in Mali.

The cost of a well is between £2000 and £7000, according to water-table depth. The average cost of providing a permanent free source of water per family is just £5.82. The wells we build are extremely durable and will support families for years to come.

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We have exceeded our Big Give target!

Thanks to the generosity of our donors we have exceeded our target and raised over £45,000. This money will be a huge investment for young people in Mali – enabling them to set up their own orchards.


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