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Rewilding for nature and for people

Rewilding is a buzz word nowadays, but we have been rewilding in Mali for more than ten years. Herders and farmers have given over 5 million hectares of land to regenerate the tree and pasture resources they need. Protected from grazing - and from harvesting wood - the results of the rewilding have been extraordinary! Within ten years, each hectare now has bio-diverse pasture and 500 to 2000 new trees. This rewilding is allowing the regeneration of over 250 million new trees a year. The recovery of the land and its tree cover with such speed is remarkable and provides tremendous hope. Herders now have pasture to feed their livestock and important species are recovering. One of the beneficiaries has said, “Thanks to this activity, we have understood that it is humans who are the greatest destroyers of nature. In less than ten years we have wild animals again. People have seen hyenas and even antelopes.”

You can support this work by visiting the Donations Page on this website. If you cannot afford a donation, please share this post widely on social media to bring our work to a larger audience. We are so grateful for your support.

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